Revamped 2016 voice demo Voice Demo Voice
2016 Voice Demo Voice Demo Voice
Wanderlust mirror scene Voice Demo Voice
Eargasm Trance Song
Laser Bubbles Experimental Song
Entrancing yet D*mning Experimental Song
Country House Experimental Song
Experiments in Ireland Experimental Song
Sexy Voice "Tk Baha" Comedy Voice
Jan 2014 Voice Demo Voice Demo Voice
Gollum "Raw and Wriggling" Voice Demo Voice

2013 Submissions

Explaining Quarkcoin to Tommy Comedy Voice
New Mic Oh Ma Gawd! Comedy Voice
The Jokers Lines Comedy Voice
Albert auditon Voice Demo Voice
Meeting Aunty Comedy Voice
3 way voices Drama Voice
Hellsing Majors monologue Drama Voice
Slingblade! Ermergerd! Spoken Word Voice
Go The F* to sleep Spoken Word Voice
Voice Acting please! Comedy Voice
No life Voice Demo Voice
Me as The Joker Drama Voice
Nick_waters_audition Voice Demo Voice
Herbert and Consuela demo Comedy Voice
TK&SS: Reset Button! Spoken Word Voice
TK&SS: Amnesia TDD Spoken Word Voice
Trapped in a cavern Drama Loop
Satan gets mail! Comedy Loop
New car? Not! Voice Demo Loop
Behind barricaded doors Drama Loop
The old man Voice Demo Song